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IMG_4266Can your political party “do no wrong?” The letter of 1 Peter offers some insight for handling our politics, social interactions, and business dealings.

Life as Citizens (.mp3)

Caution #1:  There are several seconds of silence in the recording because someone from the congregation read the text, and he did not have a microphone.  😦

Caution #2: The talk might feel a little dry (I was sick… not that I’m making excuses) 😦 😦


IMG_4416If you could use an interruption from your day-to-day routine, or if you’re facing “too much adventure,” this talk is for you…

Adventures Interrupted (.mp3)

The life of Peter (the Apostle) was filled with adventure.  He was bold in actions and audacious in words.  But his adventures were interrupted by a simple breakfast and a walk by the lake.