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The title of Wonderful Counselor in Isaiah 9:6 is not the opposite of a lousy counselor – it is more militaristic than many would anticipate.

Wonderful Counselor (.mp3)

Listen to the entire sermon and perhaps you will see Wonderful Counselor in a new light.  It starts with a broad perspective, describes the governing position, and highlights the potential for today.


IMG_4245Did you know that work was part of God’s plan in the Garden of Eden?  During this sermon (originally given in 2008) I asked the kids in the audience to keep track of 3 words: God, Work, Boss.

Work 08-31-2008 (.mp3)

The Scripture has a lot to say about work, so if you have some challenges at work, this is for you…

IMG_4231Too much worry changes your mental and emotional attitude, but it also impacts your physical well-being.  If you tend to worry, this sermon (originally presented in 2009) might be helpful for you.

Remedy for Worry (.mp3)

Just like light chases away darkness and sound disrupts the silence, there is something that breaks the chains of worry.