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Dialogue Café

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Church Start-Up
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close-upWe are actively working on launching other Dialogue Café groups. God is working in the hearts of people and preparing them for investing in other people… more at Agape Community Church.



Posted: November 5, 2014 in Church Start-Up
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We’ve reached a milestone in our church planting adventure, and it reached down to the core of our DNA…

After a year of thinking about it, we have selected a name for our church.

The name is…

(Oh, why restate everything, here is the announcement)

In a place where having a church building is not allowed by the governing authorities, the church goes “underground.” When this happens, “the church” is associated with a group of believers rather than with a specific place one goes to on the weekend. The Apostles were traveling preachers who started “groups of believers” out of people who were not. Many times they stayed in one place for a long time to make sure the “body of believers” would thrive and multiply (i.e. start more “body of believers” groups).

For more insight see 5 Reasons Established Churches Should Plant Churches.

IMG_1523 January started with great excitement. Our family continues to engage in our suburban community and in our in-home ministries. In Dialogue Café we are studying key Psalms and in Dioko Youth we are going through the Book of Romans. (continue reading)

In February we hosted the much-anticipated Launch Team Lunch. This was our first official gathering. The team members met one another and engaged in all sorts of “get to know you” conversations. The children also got to know one another and, by all accounts, they had a great time. (continue reading)

In March we saw people moving away from darkness and experience the freedom of God. We also saw people hurting because of difficult illness or damaging sin. We are front row on a GREAT adventure and we LOVE seeing God transform lives!  (continue reading)

The modern Christian church and the typical American family have adopted popular business leadership and management practices with inconsistent results; some business practices work well while others do not.

Survey #1: Your Place of Employment

Survey #2: Your Church

Survey #3: Your Family 

This is part of a study which examines why some leadership practices work well, whereas some introduce dysfunction in the church (and the family), and why it is difficult to detect the damaging practices…