7 Secrets for a Great Day

Posted: July 13, 2017 in Encouragement, Servant Leader


I love getting together with fellow servant-leadership practitioners! There is so much value in the collective wisdom we share. For example, at a recent gathering I captures 7 practical ideas for pursuing the, often elusive, “great day.” Here they are… raw and real:

  1. Count your blessings daily (really, do this literally)
  2. Write down positive encounters and ideas in a log book or journal
  3. Work with your hands at something you enjoy – do it joyfully by yourself
  4. Take a walk and go out to enjoy nature (this can be done even in the city… find your “secret spot”)
  5. Serve others out of a generous heart
  6. Get away from the “noise” of TV, News, and social media (disclaimer: I love social media but I can see the wisdom of this practice)
  7. Model (imitate) the right thoughts and action (we can amplify the good stuff or perpetuate the negative)

I am convinced that the more I practice these, the closer I get to the right mindset, outlook, and engagement I will need to have a truly great day.

Have a Great Day!

(or the ever popular… Make it a Great Day)


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