Another Growth-Spurt

Posted: July 5, 2014 in Shepherding
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I carried a large stick and hit every stone in my path, pretending to get water out of the rock like Moses. I stood on tables and shouted, imagining that I was Elijah calling fire from heaven. I made-believe I was fighting Goliath like David, when in reality I was throwing pebbles at pine trees. As a boy I dreamed about being a “spiritual giant of the faith.” To me, that was the pinnacle of spiritual leadership – and I wanted to be a spiritual leader.

I still do.

My understanding of spiritual leadership has grown and changed over the years, and in the last couple of months it went through another growth-spurt.

Reflection #1: Spiritual leadership is the context in which leadership is exercised rather than a particular style of leadership.

I noticed that we talk about leadership differently depending on the context and style. For example, we talk about the context of leadership with terms like business leadership, military leadership, political leadership, community leadership, family leadership, and church leadership; we talk about the styles of leadership with terms like tyrannical leadership, servant leadership, creative leadership, thought leadership, and subversive leadership.

[Questions to wrestle with: how do we recognize spiritual situations that require leadership, and what does a spiritual leader do in those moments?]


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